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Sunday 19th May, 2024

Gig, Sunday Session


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We welcome back one of our favourite acoustic duos to the Sound Bar. Singer-songwriters Cobalt Tales are a vibrant, entertaining, female duo based in Sheffield; originally from Wigan and Stockport, (via The NW highlands of Scotland).

Through a wide variety of styles, (ballad, country, folk, rock, soul and acapella), Pat and Nuala, follow threads through the tales of lives and ancestry, singing of people, places, events and experiences that have made them who they are.

Go and visit their website for more info and links to buy their music.

Rapidly developing an enviable reputation in the Folk World, Cobalt Tales offer a fine selection of songs delivered with spirit and joy, underpinned by an onstage chemistry for which their shared love of music, and what they bring to it together, are the catalysts. If you enjoy it half as much as they’re enjoying it themselves – then they will leave you very happy indeed! 

Damian Liptrot, Festival Organiser ‘Peace Through Folk’ 2023​
Cobalt Tales
Cobalt Tales 2

Start time: 16:30 | FREE ENTRY

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